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A CasaGroup

CasaGroup is a company founded in 2014, in Orlando, Florida, USA. With eight years of experience, it is a reference in the Vending Machine sector throughout North American territory. Today it is the only multinational Vending Machine franchise with a presence in North America, South America, and Europe. 

Among the main differentials, CasaGroup stands out for its projects with innovative concepts of niche of the market, developing customized machines with attractive design, special products and customizations that serve the most varied audiences. 

Combining tradition and credibility with high technology, CasaGroup offers its customers an exclusive and differentiated service. For all this know-how and benefits, CasaGroup Vending Machines are the best option for those looking for a solid and profitable business. 

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Brazil at home

5 Machines in the garage

100 First machines


500 Machines in Florida


IFA affiliation

Arrival in Brazil

Expansion to other states USA

ABF affiliation

Vending Machine Petz

1000 Machines in the USA

Vending machine Ipanema

Arrival in Italy


Vending machine AMBEV

Machines in the US Armed Forces

Vending machine Disney


Arrival in Puerto Rico

What people say about CasaGroup

"All the technology of CasaGroup in this unique segment of Vending Machine makes all the difference for me, as a franchisee in South Florida"

Diogo Araujo Franchisee

“I am very happy with the first machine, the first of many. I am very excited about the operation”

Christian Kuszmann Franchisee

“I have a Vending Machine in partnership with “La Palette”. Excellent palette, excellent product together with CasaGroup. Thank you so much for the beautiful opportunity”

Arelis Sozzi Franchisee

“I am a happy franchisee of CasaGroup. I have been operating the machines for 2 months and I already have good results in a short period of time. My wife and I are really enjoying it”

Eduardo Guedes Franchisee

"If you think about having a recurring income in dollar, so you have to talk with CasaGroup. They are a serious and qualified company with a high professional team. A company very close to its customers. It's been 3 years of partnership, trust and satisfaction in delivering results”

Rafael Muzaiel Rental Income