Do you want to have your own business? Through CasaGroup franchise you operate your own Vending Machine and offer the best products in the best locations.  

Why Franchise?

Franchise is the best way to manage a Vending Machine business because you will have all the support to control and improve your business.

  • Brand Strength

  • Credibility

  • Tested Business Model

  • Speed of Implementation

  • Relationship Network

  • Training

  • Operational Growth

Vantagens e benefícios

Flexible point of sale

Ease of relocating the machine

Reduced fixed costs

In the own operation model (HANDS-ON), most costs will be variable

Space for franchise operation

Maintenance of machines

Maintenance of machines

Low maintenance, local support and 1 year warranty.

Why being a franchisee?

Opportunity to have your own business

Have access to key technologies

The best in the world of convenience

World trend market

Capacity of up to 70 SKUs

What people say about our franchise

"All the technology of CasaGroup in this unique segment of Vending Machine makes all the difference for me, as a franchisee in South Florida"

Diogo Araujo Franchisee

“I am very happy with the first machine, the first of many. I am very excited about the operation”

Christian Kuszmann Franchisee

“I have a Vending Machine in partnership with “La Palette”. Excellent palette, excellent product together with CasaGroup. Thank you so much for the beautiful opportunity”

Arelis Sozzi Franchisee

“I am a happy franchisee of CasaGroup. I have been operating the machines for 2 months and I already have good results in a short period of time. My wife and I are really enjoying it”

Eduardo Guedes Franchisee

    Where we are in U.S.

    • The only multinational company of Vending Machines present in 4 countries.

    • In expansion through North America, South America, and Europe.

    • More than 1200 machines in operation.

    • Machines with interactive design, distinguished products, and customizations.

    I want to be a CasaGroup franchisee

    Have a business 7 times safer than start from scratch. Welcome to the world of Vending Machine.