Vending Machine Casa Group franchise! Have a business that automatically sells for you every day!



Opportunity to have your own business

Operationalize a market that is a global trend

Being part of a market reference company


Have access to the main technologies

Concentrates the best in the world of convenience

Capacity of 80 SKUs (space) and approximately 500 products *

Various means of electronic payments


Flexible Point of Sale (POS)

Ease of relocating the machine


Reduced fixed costs

Space for franchise operation

2m² for operation of each machine

Maintenance of machines

Low maintenance, local support and 1 year warranty.

Dilution of risks (POS): The biggest risk of any franchise is the point of sale; in the CasaGroup franchise, this risk is diluted at each point of the machine and easily relocated;

Capillarity: in a minimum franchise (5 "combo" model machines) it is as if the operation were 5 micro franchises;

Very low fixed costs: in the HANDS-ON model, most costs vary according to business performance;



Ideal for those seeking high profitability without much work

With this model you can set up a convenience store with products that best suit the need of the place.

Start your own business with the installation of just 1 machine!

CasaGroup Brand

Investment: from $8.990,00



Ideal for those who want to invest in a bigger business

You already start your business with at least 5 franchises, being able to choose personalization and products according to the POS’s evaluation.

CasaGroup Brand

Minimum 5 vending machines in operation

Investment: from $30.990,00 



Dominate a region!

Start your business with an operation of 10 machines installed to sell a wide range of products 24 hours a day!

Still have extra income from advertising the machines!

Partner Brands

Minimum 10 vending machines in operation

Investment: from $59.000,00


Everything you need to know to have a CasaGroup franchise

Yes, subject to prior and express approval by the CasaGroup team.

Yes, the exact area will depend on the chosen square, always respecting the territorial demand and the analysis of the expansion department.

No, but we do charge a flat monthly support fee.

For own brands, the values ​​are:

01 unit – BRL 25 thousand

05 units – BRL 20 thousand

10 units – BRL 15 thousand

For partner brands, the values ​​are:

01 unit – BRL 35 thousand

05 units – BRL 32 thousand

10 units – BRL 28 thousand

Yes. According to the franchise agreement, the franchisee pays 2% to the national advertising fund.

A place with high movement of people and at least 2m² for installation of the machine.

The franchisee receives all instructions on the type of ideal location for installing the vending machine, as well as the maximum rental amount to be negotiated and the grace period in the first months (if necessary).

It depends on the value of the investment and the product mix chosen, but on average the return period is 18 to 24 months.

The average profitability is 25%. These values ​​will depend on the sales volume, the income control, the product mix chosen.

Yes. All new franchisees receive training to learn how to operate the machines.

No. The amount of the training is included in the amount of the franchise fee.

The franchisee must above all be an entrepreneur, be proactive and above all be aware that he is part of a TIME.

BRL 49.990,00

Yes, one

Sales follow-up will be online via the management and telemetry system.

This activity will be presented and guided in the training of the Franchise.

Yes, you can use this product list or make suggestions for new products.

Yes, you will need to open a company.

CasaGroup will provide all training for you to operate the business.

Yes, the machine is yours, however, it can only be used in the CasaGroup franchise.

Yes, you just need to know if you have any previous negotiations on the site.


Have a 7x safer business than starting from Zero. Discover the world of Vending Machines!