Invest in a business that
grows 10% per year in dollars


The commercialization model of the machines is of immediate sale and lease (leaseback).

See bellow how it works:


Purchase as many machines as you want and in the period of 01 year you receive the rent for them in dollars.


We choose the best point and take care of the entire business management, including choosing the product mix for the Vending Machines.


We repurchase your machines after 1 year for the same amount of investment, if you don’t want to stay in business.


Transfer all or part of the equipment to third parties after 1 year, if you wish to bring more partners.


Want your investment back? We repurchase your machines after 1 year for the same amount as the initial investment.


Transfer all or part of the equipment to third parties after 1 year, if you want to bring more partners.


Discover how CasaGroup's income rental model works

CasaGroup has an innovative business model aimed at investors. It is a way to increase investment income in a business that grows more than 10% per year.

When you purchase one or more machines, you hand over business management to the Casa Group team in the United States and receive monthly rent in dollars.

You invest in high-tech equipment and we take care of the rest. we find the best point and carry out the operation at the point of sale. Your only concern is to increase your profitability with a business in the United States.

And if after 1 year you no longer want to continue with vending machines, we guarantee a repurchase!


Learn how to make your money work for you!

Conceptually, Income Rental is a type of financial income that a person has without depending on their right work. That is: it is when money works for you!

The Income Rental model we have adopted at CasaGroup is rent. The investor buys one or more machines and we take care of the rest!


Find out how our model works

It is a model of financial performance that does not require dedication of time or work effort.

One year, being automatically renewed. For each contract renewal you receive a 3% bonus.

Income Rental is not a payback investment, but a cashback investment, that is, before renewing the contract you can request the repurchase of the machine to CasaGroup. Only a depreciation, which corresponds to 3% per year, will be discounted.

No. The entire operation of the Vending Machines is managed by CasaGroup.

Yes, you can start your immigration process through Income Rental and then move on to the Franchise operation.

CasaGroup does the entire operation of the machine (s).

No. You can invest as an individual from anywhere in the world.

If you have an account in the USA you can pay the invoice via wire transfer (common transfer) or zelle (bank app). If you do not have a US account, you can make a transfer by remittance, transferwise, exchange broker or bank.

You can receive your income where you live or if you open an account in the USA, you can receive it here too.

None, you have a guaranteed repurchase of the machine.

CasaGroup has insurance that covers all necessary repairs for all machines in the field. In addition, all necessary maintenance is carried out by CasaGroup.

The evolution of Income Rental has two paths, to invest in more machines guaranteeing an interesting fixed income or to upgrade to the Franchise model.


Invest in CasaGroup's Vending Machine market and increase your profitability by receiving in dollars!