Have an extra income through CasaGroup’s rental income.

What is rental income?

When purchasing 3 or more Vending Machines, you hand over the business administration to CasaGroup team and receive a monthly rent in dollars.

You buy a high-tech equipment and CasaGroup takes care of the rest. From purchasing the products, choosing the location, maintenance and supply.

  • Why having a rental income?

  • Dollarize your asset

  • More than 300 machines owners

How does it work?

Buy as much machines as you want starting at 3 units ($ 27,000.00) with a guaranteed rental from 2 to 7 years.

CasaGroup is responsible for installation, operation, management and maintenance for you.

CasaGroup chooses the ideal product mix for each location and restock when necessary

You receive monthly a fixed rent for using the equipment

At the end of the contract, you can renew it for the same term or you can ask for a repurchase of your machines.

What people say about Rental income

“If you are thinking about investing in the US, having recurring revenue in dollars, then you should talk to CasaGroup. It is a serious, reputable company and has a highly qualified and professional team. A company very close to its customers. It's been 3 years of partnership, trust and satisfaction in delivering results”

Rafael Muzael

“I am an investor in CasaGroup, and I strongly believe in this company. Excellent option for those looking for diversification with profitability in hard currency.”

André Oliveira

“I confess that at first I was a little apprehensive, but I was surprised by such organization and professionalism. A sustainable business that pays those who believe in the business.”

Rafael Ginez

“I invest and recommend, I am a happy owner of two machines. Rent income is life.”

José Araújo

“I recommend! Great investment! I’ve been investing in CasaGroup for more than 5 years. One of mt best investment in US. Keep going!"

José Garutti

    Where we are in U.S.

    • The only multinational company of Vending Machines present in 4 countries.

    • In expansion through North America, South America, and Europe.

    • More than 1200 machines in operation.

    • Machines with interactive design, distinguished products, and customizations.

    have your rental income

    Have an extra income through CasaGroup’s rental income.